The Brainful Philosophy

Meet blocks...the building blocks of brainful.

Every piece or chunk of knowledge is stored as a block. Blocks are stacked, linked, and nested to create a network of knowledge that can be queried, analyzed, and visualized in a collaborative, sentient interface.

brainful at its core is a knowledge ecosystem that learns from you, and grows with you. We revolutionize the process of knowledge acquisition to knowledge creation through intelligently leveraging vast data sources. By combining user data with machine learning, worldwide data sets, and team shared datasets, we create a knowledge ecosystem that is personal, intelligent, and builds on its foundations.

Brainful is extremely modular, working with documents that are essentially stackable data blocks, stretching from a robust word processor to a powerful relational data outliner. brainful automatically organizes these relationships, associates them with entities and concepts, and provides a powerful query interface to navigate, ask questions, and elaborate on your data.

Here are some sections you may want to explore: