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This project began in Winter 2022 and is under active development. Given its scope and complexity, will not be generally available in the near future. However, we will welcome a small group of early users who are interested in contributing to the development and testing of the platform. Contact us here to get involved.


the sentient data query interface for collective human intelligence

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Meet blocks...the building blocks of brainful.

Every piece or chunk of knowledge is stored as a block. Blocks are stacked, linked, and nested to create a network of knowledge that can be queried, analyzed, and visualized in a collaborative, sentient interface.

Deep integrations with the tools that matter...

OpenAI is leveraged to enable conversational and reasoning abilities within a collaborative block-based chat interface. A custom agentic RAG architecture was conceived to enable a proactive and reactive conversational interface for data store, retrieval, evaluation, analysis, discovery, and refinement.
Google Maps
Google Maps is used to provide a visual geographic representation of your data as well as enabling geospatial queries and further analysis for block recommendations and insights.
Google Drive
Google Drive is used to establish a connection between your data and the platform for seamless data retrieval, import, merge, and export operations with brainful blocks.
Readwise is used to provide a seamless real-time sync of your highlights and notes from supported Readwise sources (e.g. Kindle, Pocket, Websites, PDFs) to brainful compatible format - blocks, for automated analysis, insights, and recommendations.

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